Meristem Land and Science: Driving Progress in Sustainability


Special Science Report

New frontiers in greenhouse gas science:
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A features series on research progress

There are new developments in greenhouse gas (GHG) research across Canada. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has a multidisciplinary team of scientists at centres across Canada, working since the 1990s to understand greenhouse gas emissions from all types of farms in Canada, and to find ways of reducing these emissions.

These articles summarize some of their recent research findings. Reducing GHG emissions is only one of many environmental benefits of using farmlands wisely. Others include preserving soils to maintain yields, maintaining biodiversity and wildlife habitat, ensuring long-term economic health of farms, nurturing aesthetic value of landscapes, avoiding harmful emissions to the air, and using energy efficiently. All of these must be considered together, and occupy continuing research by AAFC's multidisciplinary teams.