Innovative solutions for your field

Innovative solutions for your field

Innovative solutions for your field

Innovative solutions for your field

About us

​At MERISTEM we offer innovative solutions that cover all the nutritional needs for crops and make it possible to obtain vigorous and healthy plants, capable of overcoming stress conditions throughout the entire crop cycle, from the preparation of the land before transplanting to the harvest.

Our products maximise yield at every stage of cultivation. Because we know that every moment is essential to ensure the quality of the crop.

Our objective is to provide efficient and innovative solutions for any requirement that could arise throughout the entire growing cycle. To do so, we have one of the most complete agronutrient catalogues on the market:

Mission, vision and values

Vision: To become a leading company worldwide in the agronutrient sector.

Mission: To offer each client the best solution that meets their needs, through innovation, constant improvement and ongoing technical advice.

Values: Integrity, passion, quality, collaboration.

A little history…

Created in 1984 and located in Valencia, one of the most important agricultural areas in Spain, MERISTEM has 40 years of experience in the world of plant nutrition.

Over all these years, MERISTEM has made transparency one of its main values. This has enabled us to earn the trust and respect of both our clients and other competitors in our sector.

Our years of experience, along with the dynamism and spirit of improvement of our highly skilled professionals, are the driving force that enables us to adapt to a sector that is constantly evolving.