Agriculture does not stop. And nor do we.

MERISTEM, always by your side.

Agriculture does not stop. And nor do we.

MERISTEM, always by your side.

Discover Tricobest, our new biostimulant based on microorganisms

TRICOBEST is the new product from the Microlife line. It is a high quality and highly soluble concentrate of humic acids which come from Leonardite, enriched with a microbial inoculant, made from a strain selected from the fungus Trichoderma harzianum. Discover all of its benefits through this informational video or view the complete product details sheet.

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Efficient solutions for every stage of the crop

At MERISTEM we offer solutions that cover all the nutritional needs for crops and make it possible to obtain vigorous and healthy plants, capable of overcoming stress conditions throughout the entire crop cycle, from the preparation of the land before transplanting to the harvest.

Our products maximise yield at every stage of cultivation. Because we know that every moment is essential to ensure the quality of the crop.

Our objective is to provide efficient solutions for any requirement that could arise throughout the entire growing cycle. To do so, we have one of the most complete agronutrient catalogues on the market.

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Meristem Safety Protocol against COVID-19

Following the guidelines of the WHO, in relation to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, at MERISTEM we have adapted all our working protocols with the aim of ensuring the safety of both our workers, and clients, collaborators and suppliers. To this end, we continue to manufacture all our products, with all the safety and prevention measures recommended by the WHO and other international bodies.

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